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A Million Suns: Our Moments With Catherine, by Tom Blair and Ellen Sullivan Blair, is a collection of memories from her last fifteen months of life.  


An exerpt from the book:


The therapist then stepped out of the room and returned with a big smile, saying "Catherine, look what I've brought for you . . . a pediatric walker!"


The pediatric walker she put in front of Catherine looked exactly like a geriatric walker.  It was reduced in size, but didn't have any racing stripes. It didn't have any flower stickers.  It didn't have any fairies swinging gleefully from the bars.  Instead, it was cold, unadorned aluminum. For some reason, I didn't see anything wrong with it.  To me, it was just another tool that might help Catherine get around, one that was probably safer than the crutches another physical therapist had given her a few days before.  So I was ready to accept the pediatric walker.


Catherine took one look and hated it.


Under extreme duress, she stood and put her hands on the bars.  She then looked straight at the therapist and said "no" very loudly.  The therapist suggested she take a few steps to see how well it worked.  Catherine took a step, but then looked up directly at me and said "no" even more loudly.  After much coercion, she took three more steps, but then glared at both of us and said "no" with great emphasis.  She then suspended all further eye contact and, lowering her chin to her chest, unleashed a sustained "nooooooo."



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