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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to support funding for neuroblastoma research and treatment development in the hope that one day

a cure will be found.

Our Mission

We never expected that our smiling, happy little girl would go to the doctor with a limp and find out two days later that she had neuroblastoma, an aggressive and difficult to treat childhood cancer. Catherine began what was to be a grueling four and a half year journey in a fight for her life. Though her life was short - barely eight years - it was full of joy as well as pain.  In honor of her strength and courage and fierce determination to live, we created her foundation to carry on her name and her fight.  We hope you will join us in fighting for the children who will still travel this road until a cure is found.  


We believe that better treatments will lead to a better future for kids with neuroblastoma. 

Catherine's Story

Read about Catherine and her indomitable spirit in our book,

A Million Suns: Our Moments with Catherine.  

Contact us to get your copy.

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Catherine's story
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