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To date, the Catherine Elizabeth Blair Memorial Foundation has given neuroblastoma research grants totaling over $333,000


Research Projects


Update 10/21 Click here to read an update on this research 

The Catherine Elizabeth Blair Memorial Foundation supports innovative neuroblastoma research in institutions across the US and internationally.  

NEW December 2021: $36,000 grant to Dr. Kelly Goldsmith and Dr. Thomas Cash at Emory University in Atlanta for NANT 2017-01, A Phase 1 Study of 131 I-MIBG with Dinutuximab +/- Vorinostat for Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma. This ongoing study is looking at MIBG treatment in combination with a monoclonal antibody, Dinutuximab.  

NEW November 2021: $25,000 grant to Dr. Anthony Sandler at Children's National for "Accelerating Research Towards Neuroblastoma Treatments" - the translational stage is the final step before a clinical trial of the cell vaccine.

Update 3/21  Click here to read a press release about this grant:

December 2020: $25,000 grant to Dr. Anthony Sandler at Children's National for "Moving the Dial on Neuroblastoma Research and Treatment" - continuing the team's vaccine research, moving towards clinical trials.

$100,000 in grants: Advancing Breakthroughs in Neuroblastoma Research and Care: Each year from 2015-2019 we granted $25,000 to Dr. Anthony Sandler's research lab at Children's National in Washington, DC for his work on immune-based tumor vaccine therapy.  

$25,000 Grant: Fully Human Glypican-2 Targeting Bispecifics for the Treatment of Neuroblastoma: In 2018, we granted $25,000 to Dr. Colin Correnti at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, with key collaborator Julie Park, MD at Seattle Children's Hospital for an immunotherapy project creating clinic-ready antibodies to be used in future research.  

$20,000 Grant: Phase I/II Clinical Trial for Neuroblastoma with ALK Mutations: In 2016, we granted $20,000 in collaboration with a multi-charity group brought together by Solving Kids' Cancer to open a multi-institution trial of a tumor-inhibiting drug driven by ALK mutations.  

We have collaborated with other neuroblastoma-focused organizations in funding research: the Evan Foundation and Solving Kids' Cancer