Neuroblastoma requires different treatments depending on the age of the child and the extent of disease at diagnosis. In infants, the neuroblastoma may actually disappear without treatment. However, about half of all neuroblastoma tumors have already spread to bone or bone marrow at the time of diagnosis. These tumors require complex treatment which may include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, stem-cell transplant, immunotherapy, and various drug therapies. Even after these intense treatments, less than 40% of children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma will survive, and the survivors face terrible long-term side effects from the toxicity of available treatments. While some advances have been made in providing less toxic, more effective treatments for neuroblastoma, leading researchers admit that neuroblastoma remains a "clinical enigma." Research funding is limited, and pharmaceutical companies have little incentive to develop therapies that will benefit a relatively small number of children. A combination of heightened public awareness and increased research funding is needed to eradicate this devastating childhood cancer. 


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