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Visiting the Lab at Fred Hutch

We don't always get to see the places where we give our research grants. This winter, before COVID-19 hit, we decided to take a short trip to Seattle and visit with Dr. Colin Correnti at the immunotherapy lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We spent several hours touring the lab, meeting the scientists, and talking about the exciting projects they are working on.

As I reflected on 2019 I found myself thinking much our work is impacted and enabled by your support. There would have been no way for us to launch our antibody projects without your grants. ~Dr. Colin Correnti, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

As we sat in a conference room listening to Colin's presentation about the research

we funded, we felt overwhelmed by the many steps involved in bringing a new treatment from early stages in the lab to patients. There are so many roadblocks to overcome in that process, including a dearth of funding for innovative projects such as this one. Federal grant money is scarce for this research, so philanthropy and foundations like ours are a main source of funding for such innovation. Colin's enthusiasm made us glad that we have been able to help in some small way to create new possibilities for neuroblastoma treatments.

You make it possible for us to provide grants for this innovative research. You make it possible for us to believe that one day a little girl or boy will survive and thrive after a diagnosis of neuroblastoma. Thank you.

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